Bogazici University Online Writing Lab

Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Writing is an indispensable skill for any student wishing to go up the academic ladder and the writing lab of Bogazici University is where you can find the necessary resources to refine this skill.

For students:

• A review of English grammar from beginning to advanced level, followed by writing guides covering problem areas such as run-on sentences, sentence fragments or dangling modifiers

• Tips and strategies for writing a well-structured academic essay with a good thesis statement

• Discussion of different types of essay, such as definition essays, classification essays, process essays, comparison/contrast essays, cause and effect essays, and argumentative essays

• A number of exercises on paragraph and essay writing, complete with answers

• Useful guides to editing a written work, avoiding plagiarism and writing research papers

For teachers:

• Informative articles on setting up writing tasks, combining reading and writing, modeling effective writing, correcting and giving feedback

• Detailed instructions on how to conduct a research project

• Sample research papers in a variety of fields and sample essays written by students

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