Dictionary of English Slang and Colloquialisms of the UK

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2007

This impressive online slang dictionary, maintained and updated by Ted Duckworth, is the place to go if you want the most accurate definitions of slang words as they are used by the British.


• No-nonsense design that allows the user to look up any slang word or expression in a matter of a few seconds

• An advanced tool to refine slang search using various parameters

• Informative entries giving slang definitions, example usage and cross-references to related entries

• Full coverage of dialect and informal expressions, which may cause non-native speakers as much difficulty in understanding British people as the use of slang

• Useful links to other online slang resources

• A bibliography listing printed materials on slang

Ted Duckworth is an authority on British slang and the quality of this online dictionary is a testament to his expertise and dedication.

Site URL: http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/index.htm

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