Interesting Things for ESL Students

Posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This is a study site with lots of fun materials that ESL students at different levels can use to improve their command of the English language.


• A beginner's level section containing games and activities suitable for elementary learners

• More sections intended for intermediate and advanced students and focusing on vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, proverbs, slang - idioms, pronunciation, listening, hearing, reading and spelling

• Special sections for grammar/vocabulary quizzes, podcasts/songs/jokes, crossword puzzles and tongue twisters/poems

• A daily updated page featuring a proverb of the day, a quiz for the day and a daily 30 minute show from the VOA, downloadable as an MP3

• Another feature page reserved for games and activities based on VOA Special English programs

In view of the number and quality of ESL/EFL games and activities it provides, Interesting Things for ESL Students is second to none and definitely deserves to be listed among the most highly recommended resources.

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