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Posted on Sunday, December 09, 2007

TEFL-Magic.com, created by Charlie Marshall, is a quality website dedicated to providing free English language teaching (ELT) resources, including handouts, worksheets and lesson plans, for EFL/ESL/ESOL teachers.


• A rich collection of English teaching materials, conveniently listed by type, by topic and in alphabetical order

• 7 types of materials, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, reading/writing, discussion, warm-up activities, practice/games and role-play

• 8 topic areas, which are English skills, business English, good/bad, health/body, numbers/statistics, idioms/phrases, everyday life and travel/countries

• Links to more resources on the web for both teachers and students

Site URL: http://www.tefl-magic.com/noframes/home/welcome.htm

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