Internet-Based Projects for Business English

Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leslie Opp-Beckman and Kay Westerfield of University of Oregon's American English Institute have put up at their site a remarkable collection of internet-based, skill-integrated tasks and projects intended to help business people develop business communication skills, intercultural awareness, technology skills and business research strategies.


• Authentic, motivating business English activities and projects conveniently divided into sub-categories such as technology tips and strategies, language support, business communication and research projects, business simulations and lesson plans, and project-based learning assessment

• A common description framework that informs learners and teachers of the target audience, required language proficiency, learning focus, recommended technology and instructions, hints and adaptation options, and additional resources and examples for each activity and project

• A master list of business English resources referred to in the activities and projects

Site URL:

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