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Posted on Saturday, December 08, 2007

If you are learning English using a course book published by Oxford University Press, it is a good idea to visit the student site for that book for extra practice materials.

You can check out the following student sites for Oxford University Press course books:

Adventures: e-cards, web search, word games, test your vocabulary, cartoons

Happy Earth: activities, e-cards

Happy House: games, stories, e-cards, calendars

Happy Street: games, activities, e-cards, calendars

I-Spy: games, e-cards, stories

Incredible English: stories, games, e-cards, songs and chants, colouring, picture dictionary

Kids United Brazil: games, quizzes, puzzles, calendars, e-cards

Let's Go: resources for students, parents and teachers

Project: games, vocabulary, grammar, e-cards

Stardust: games, competitions, e-cards, songs, calendars

American Adventures: e-cards, web search, word games, test your vocabulary, cartoons

Attain: vocabulary practice, games and quizzes

Connections: e-cards, web search, word games, test your vocabulary

Horizons: vocabulary, grammar, quizzes, games, e-cards

New Hotline: grammar & practice, games, e-cards, web search

New Hotline Plus: grammar & practice, games, e-cards, web search

Solutions: grammar, vocabulary, everyday English, games

Trig: games, listening zones, puzzles, tests

American Headway: extra practice and activities

Business Basics: grammar, vocabulary, expressions

Business Focus: focus on words, focus on grammar, focus on expressions, focus on business issues, games

Business Grammar & Practice: create your own tests

Business Objectives: grammar, vocabulary, expressions

Business Vision: interactive activities

Business One : One: email practice, grammar, interactive tests, games, useful documents

Clockwise: end-of-level quizzes, wordlists

English File: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, audio words, practical English, learning records, text builders, web links, games, mini phrasebooks, vocabulary calendar (for New English File); grammar files, grammar checks, active word lists, games, pronunciation (for original English File)

English for Life: games, stories, tests, useful documents, study calendar

Exams: extra materials for CAE Result!, Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEIC Test, Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEIC Test New Edition and Oxford Tactics for the TOEIC Test

Headway: grammar, vocabulary, test builders, games, everyday English, word of the week, phrase builder, website learning record, headway study calendar

IELTS: IELTS practice test with downloadable listenings, Help Yourself! topics, support pages and links to reference materials for IELTS Masterclass

In English: grammar, vocabulary, everyday English, activities

Natural Grammar: new keywords, interactive exercises, puzzles, useful materials, study calendar

Open Forum: listening selections, worksheets, transcripts, answer keys

Oxford English for Careers: language spot, vocabulary, listening

Oxford Learner's Grammar: finder plus, builder plus, grammar tips, grammar calendar

Oxford Practice Grammar: diagnostic test, test zones, audio zones, edit zones, downloadables

ProFile: exercises, downloads, web links, games

Quick Work: grammar, vocabulary, games

Smart Choice: grammar and vocabulary games, pronunciation

Tech Talk: interactive grammar, expressions and vocabulary exercises

Test It, Fix It: make your own test, download and print useful pages and pocket guides

The Good Grammar Book: list of units, pre-test, exercises, words for talking about grammar, list of useful words

natural English: grammar and vocabulary, games, reading for fun, natural English vocabulary calendar

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