Teacher's Pet for MS Word and OpenOffice

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Teacher's Pet, developed by Chris Lacey as an add-on for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, is a free handy utility that English language teachers can use to create classroom exercises instantly from any given text.


• 23 macro-based functions: Bingo Card Maker, Verb Tense Test Maker, Crossword Maker, Flashcard Maker, Sentence Breaker, Paragraph Breaker, Jumbles, Multi-word Maker, Multi-gap Maker, Multi-choice Question Maker, Synonym Question Maker, Antonym Question Maker, Word Mover, Word Remover, Punctuation Remover, Space Remover, Letter Remover, Letter Underliner, Word List Saver, Online Children's Dictionary Search, Online Dictionary Search, Online Thesaurus Search, Online Multi-word Dictionary Search

• Compatible with NeoOffice for Mac

• Small download size (211.5 KB EXE file for MS Word and 80.6 KB ZIP file for OpenOffice)

Site URL: http://www.teachers-pet.org/index.html

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