Interactive English Learning Resources from Okanagan College

Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The interactive English learning resources from Okanagan College consist of a wide array of mostly multimedia lessons prepared with the ESL student in mind.


• 13 pronunciation lessons (also available in MP3 and PDF formats) which comprise audio- and video-based listening, dictation and conversation exercises written to show learners how to pronounce and differentiate difficult sounds in English

• Takako's Great Adventure, a 10-episode story for listening and reading practice, accompanied by vocabulary exercises and comprehension questions

• Chalk 'n Talk, a video series on problematic aspects of English grammar including the gerund, the passive voice, the causative, the conditionals and the subjunctive

• Culture Shock: A Fish Out of Water, a 13-paragraph illustrated reading text with study notes and tips

• The online study companion to the 1992 DVD Of Mice and Men

• Explanations of Betty Azar's Understanding and Using English Grammar

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