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Posted on Friday, January 25, 2008

A.C. Kemp's Slang City is where you can find all kinds of information on adult American slang, a topic not often covered in standard textbooks. Be careful if you are offended by adult content.


• Sex-related slang, taught through an interactive map of the human body and an adult slang picture dictionary

• Explanations of slang and cultural references in popular music and movies

• Illustrated guide to slang related to 'bodily functions'

• Exciting online quizzes on marijuana slang, vintage sex slang, popular musicians' names and rappers' status symbols

• Random insult generator and kids' insults

• Real English slang from graffiti, T-shirt slogans, street signs, personal ads, newspapers and many other things

• All slang words from Slang City newsletter from 2003 up to now

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