Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education

Posted on Friday, February 08, 2008

Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education by Andy Gillett provides university students with practical guidelines for using English for Academic Purposes (EAP).


• Listening comprehension and note-taking: introduction, advice, summarizing and note-taking, recognizing lecture structure, understanding reference, exercises

• Speaking in academic contexts: introduction, presenting a seminar paper, pronunciation, features of academic spoken English, mathematical and scientific symbols, rhetorical functions in academic speaking, working in groups, check list, exercises

• Reading skills for academic study: introduction, advice, efficient reading skills, understanding texts, summarizing and note-taking, strategies for reading academic texts, reading critically, exercises

• Academic writing: introduction, the process of writing an essay, understanding the question, researching the essay, organizing the essay, rhetorical functions in academic writing, writing paragraphs, avoiding plagiarism, reporting - paraphrase, summary & synthesis, writing a list of references, citing sources, punctuation, spelling, features of academic writing, check list, exercises

• Vocabulary in EAP: introduction, selecting vocabulary to learn, vocabulary building, learning vocabulary, exercises

• Accuracy in EAP, English language assessment and support for university courses, background reading for EAP: Bibliography, EAP materials

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