ELSA Activities from Vancouver Community College

Posted on Thursday, May 01, 2008

This collection of ESL activities was prepared by instructors from Vancouver Community College for students participating in the English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) programs, which teach basic English to adult newcomers to Canada. The exercises take a variety of forms: multiple-choice, short-answer, gap-filling, matching, and crossword.


• Vocabulary exercises (literacy & level 1/2): aches and pains, action verbs, Canada's provinces & territories, Canada's provincial capitals, Canadian money, classroom objects, colours, everyday clothes, family & people, feelings & emotions, parts of the body, vegetables, fruits, fast food, seafood, places in the community

• Vocabulary exercises (level 2/3): collective nouns, jobs, job adjectives, job applications

• Grammar exercises (level 1/2/3): grammar review, hope/wish, make/do, used to/be used to/get used to, either/neither/both, either...or/neither...nor/both...and/not only...but also

• Gambits (idiomatic expressions) exercises (level 1/2)

• Word order exercises (literacy & level 1/2)

Site URL: http://eslprograms.vcc.ca/ESLWEB/ESL_Sites/CALL_ONLINE_CENTRE/call_online_centre.html

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