America's Story from America's Library

Posted on Monday, May 12, 2008

America's Story from America's Library is a website by the Library of Congress where all people, especially young learners, can learn a great deal about America's history and culture and at the same time improve their ability to use English.


• Stories about famous figures in American history: US presidents, leaders/statesmen, activists/reformers, adventurers/explorers, musicians/composers, writers/artists, industrialists/entrepreneurs, scientists/inventors, and athletes/entertainers

• Stories about different periods of American history: Colonial America, Revolutionary Period, the New Nation, Western Expansion and Reform, Civil War, Reconstruction, Gilded Age, Progressive Era, Great War and Jazz Age, Depression and World War II, and Modern Era

• Stories about Washington, D.C. and all the states in America

• Stories about American culture: celebrations, vacations, baseball, quilting, and dancing

• Streaming and downloadable multimedia files (both video and audio) related to American history and culture

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