The Bedford Research Room

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2008

The Bedford Research Room, built using materials from Mike Palmquist's well-known book The Bedford Researcher, is a comprehensive guide to the research process that students as well as teachers of almost any subject will find useful.


• 'How-to' articles analyzing the researcher's major tasks: how to search an online library catalog, how to search a database, how to search the Web, how to develop a research question, how to evaluate sources, how to develop a thesis statement, how to work with information from sources, how to create a works cited or references list, how to use your word processor, how to write for the Web

• Checklists (in downloadable PDF, RTF, and DOC formats) for the steps involved in the research process: exploring topics, narrowing a topic, planning a search, skimming sources, interviewing, observing, conducting surveys, evaluating sources, taking notes, avoiding plagiarism, drafting, integrating sources, revising, editing

• Links to sites that support discipline-specific research, field research, and electronic search for information

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