Quizzes for Intermediate Writing

Posted on Friday, May 23, 2008

Quizzes for Intermediate Writing, from the English Language Institute of the University of British Columbia, is a nice collection of exercises that focus on writing at intermediate level. Students will be able to learn the skills needed to successfully complete various types of writing tasks: description, examples, comparison, contrast, process and narration, cause and effect.


• Description quizzes: "-ed" vs. "-ing" adjectives, word order, prepositions of place, verbs of location, empty subjects, clauses with pronouns, clauses with prepositions, words that mean "thing"

• Examples quizzes: examples sentence structures, quantifiers, identifying categories, matching word with an adjective and a category, using "few"/"little"/"a few"/"a little", modifiers, expressing proportions, scrambled sentence paragraph, words that mean "show"/"say"/"include"

• Comparison quizzes: comparison structures, synonyms, word order, words that mean "be like"

• Contrast quizzes: contrast structures, opposites, "-er"/"-est"/"more", words that mean "be different"

• Process and narration quizzes: process and narration sentence structures, prepositions of time, "until" vs. "by", adverbial clauses, verbs

• Cause and effect quizzes: cause and effect sentence structures, conditionals, converting a clause into a noun phrase, identifying cause and effect, "so" and "such", words that mean "cause"

• Editing practice, vocabulary expansion, and grammar quizzes

Site URL: http://learningresources.eli.ubc.ca/intermediate%20writing%20activities/index.htm

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