Released Interactive Online TAKS, TAAS, RPTE, and SDAA II Tests

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2008

The TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills), RPTE (Reading Proficiency Tests in English), and SDAA II (State-Developed Alternative Assessment II) are statewide assessment tests administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Interactive online versions of released TAKS, TAAS, RPTE, and SDAA II tests are available from TEA's website and can be used by ESL students to test their reading and writing skills.


• Released TAKS for Spring 2006, April 2004, and Spring 2003 (Reading/English Language Arts, Mathematics, Writing, Writing Prompt/Social Studies, Science)

• Released RPTE for Spring 2006

• Released SDAA II for Spring 2005 (Reading, Mathematics, Writing/English Language Arts, Writing/Reading/English Language Arts Prompt)

• Released TAAS for Spring 2002, Spring 2001, and Spring 2000 (Reading, Mathematics, Writing)

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