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Posted on Friday, July 25, 2008

To assist readers who have to move frequently, BusinessWeek offers many series of podcasts specially produced to keep them informed of the the latest news and trends in business. Like the video series, the podcasts are a great way for ESL students to learn business English and practice listening at the same time.


• Audio podcasts of the magazine's most popular weekly features: Best Young Entrepreneurs, The BusinessWeek, Entrepreneurs Notebook, BusinessWeek Market Report, Making the Leap, Savvy Selling, Making Innovation Work, Tech 101, Hottest Hands, Smart Answers, Climbing the Ladder, Playbook, CEO Guide to Technology, Web Smart, The Welch Way, 10 Cutting-Edge Designers, International Story of the Week, Cruise Control, Top Givers: The Stories Behind the Gifts, Innovation of the Week, The Cutting Edge, Tech & You, Behind This Week's Cover

• All episodes available for download in MP3 format

• Chronological archive for each series, which allows users to trace any past episodes

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