English Grammar Video Series from Conversa Language Center

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

Conversa Language Center offers on its website a series of free English grammar videos and lesson plans intended for beginning/elementary ESL students who need extra help with difficult points of basic English grammar. All the videos can be viewed using Windows Media Player and no additional software is required.


• 11 videos focusing on essential grammar points: the Present tense of the verb to be, the verb to be with prepositions of location, possessive pronouns and adjectives, expressing time with the Present Progressive tense, the Simple Past tense, the Present Perfect tense versus the Simple Past tense, the Present Perfect Progressive tense, the Past Progressive tense, the Conditional, time clauses and the Future

• Printable lesson plans and exercises for use with the videos

Site URL: http://www.conversa1.com/grammarseries.htm

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