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Posted on Friday, August 01, 2008

An award-winning site based on Professor W. J. Alexander's Representative Poetry and maintained by the Department of English at the University of Toronto, Representative Poetry Online, now in version 3.0, is a huge directory of poetry in English, with 3,816 poems written by 524 poets. It is the perfect place for students and lovers of English literature to read, learn, and enjoy themselves.


• Indexes of poems by title, by first line, and by last line

• Indexes of poets by name and by date

• Keyword and concordance search functions

• Timeline of poetry, from Old English (449-1066) through Middle English (1066-1485) and Early Modern English (1485-1800) to Present-Day English (1800-)

• A calendar year's summary of significant events in the lives of famous poets

• Glossary of poetic terms and forms

• Criticism of poetry in prose and in verse

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