Room 108: Primary Kids Education Site

Posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Built by primary teacher John Rickey, Room 108 is simply a dazzling site with over 400 pages of engaging educational activities that promise to hold the attention of any primary child. Spanning various school subjects, the free resources offered by the site fall into a number of types, including games, stories, songs, and puzzles.


• Games for learning math, science, social studies, and writing (including spelling and grammar)

• Highly interactive story books with sounds and animations that allow children a high degree of flexibility in reading, learning new words, and testing their comprehension

• Music section, with songs to sing and play along, music games, and a special page for online piano lessons, worksheets, and flashcards

• Worksheet generators, graphic organizers, game programs, and other useful resources for the primary teacher

• Links to other educational sites for further exploration

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