Sound Guide

Posted on Saturday, July 05, 2008

Written by Rodolphe Maurel, Sound Guide is a wonderful website where ESL students, especially those whose first language is French, can learn English in a natural way through interactive exercises based on video and sound clips.


• 3 types of activities (with videos, with sounds, and without sounds) designed to improve students' oral comprehension skills and strengthen their command of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation

• Specific exercises on basic points of English grammar (tenses, if-clauses, imperatives, modals, possessives, relative pronouns, comparatives, conditionals, gerunds, the passive) and common topics of English vocabulary (animals, body parts, clothes, numbers, sports, the family, the house, the kitchen, 100 adjectives, 100 most used verbs)

• Special interest exercises on a variety of everyday topics, including traveling in Canada and the USA

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