Teaching Language with Music

Posted on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Michael Carrier's Teaching Language with Music provides the ESL teacher with useful guides to using songs as a teaching aid in the classroom. Teachers of other languages than English will also find the site a rich source of materials.


• Introduction to the reasons for using songs in second language teaching

• Links to sites containing song activities, lyrics, and ideas on how to teach with music

• Bibliography of books and articles on music and language teaching, plus a list of ESL song albums and collections

• Downloadable PDF-format ESL song directory, which indexes and provides notes about the grammatical structures, topics/themes, and language functions of more than 400 popular songs suitable for ESL students of all levels (low beginner, high beginner, low intermediate, high intermediate, advanced)

• Downloadable collection of more than 200 song activities and exercises, most accompanied by complete song lyrics

• Ready-made musical images and graphics for classroom use

Site URL: http://gs.fanshawec.ca/tlwm/

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