Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A first-rate product of Colorado State University, Writing@CSU provides ESL and university students with all they need to learn to write in English. With an account, which can be registered for free, students can also save and get feedback on their work as well as monitor their own progress.


• A range of guides, activities, and other resources designed to help students master the writing process and different genres of writing

• Full explanations of the steps of writing: preparing to write; starting to write; conducting research; reading and responding; working with sources; planning, drafting, and organizing; designing documents; working together; revising and editing; publishing

• Full explanations of different types of writing: fiction, composition and academic writing, argument, creative nonfiction, writing about literature, scholarly writing, business writing, science writing, writing in engineering, writing for the Web, speeches and presentations

• Video clips featuring expert writers discussing writing in the fields of fiction, nonfiction, and engineering

• Resources for writing teachers, including guides, activities, and links

Site URL: http://writing.colostate.edu/index.cfm

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