American Passages: A Literary Survey

Posted on Saturday, August 23, 2008

The American Passages: A Literary Survey website provides a large collection of quality materials designed to support the study of American literature in its cultural and historical contexts. With 16 thematically-organized units and an archive of more than 3,000 multimedia artifacts, this site is highly recommended for students and teachers of American literature, American studies, and English as a second/foreign language.


• 16 units of thematic materials focusing on literary movements in American history: 1. Native Voices, 2. Exploring Borderlands, 3. Utopian Promise, 4. Spirit of Nationalism, 5. Masculine Heroes, 6. Gothic Undercurrents, 7. Slavery and Freedom, 8. Regional Realism, 9. Social Realism, 10. Rhythms in Poetry, 11. Modernist Portraits, 12. Migrant Struggle, 13. Southern Renaissance, 14. Becoming Visible, 15. Poetry of Liberation, 16. Search for Identity

• Uniform unit format, with unit overviews, guides to using videos, lists of covered authors, timelines, and classroom activities for all units

• Unit instructor guides for download in PDF format

• 3,000-item archive of images, sound clips, and additional texts, searchable by a number of criteria

• Slideshow tool for building classroom presentations using audio and visual artifacts from the archive

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