English Interactive Quizzes

Posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008

Agata Zięba-Warcholak's English Interactive Quizzes is a nice collection of free, interactive exercises, quizzes, tests, and games which ESL students can use to test and practice their English. ESL teachers looking for lesson plans will also find useful Internet-based samples here.


  • Levels of exercises: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
  • Types of exercises: gap-filling, matching, multiple-choice, cloze, true/false, short-answer, word search, mixed sentences, logic puzzle, crossword puzzle
  • Areas tested: vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, writing, idioms, culture
  • Topics covered: love, family, furniture, houses, places, countries, nationalities, jobs, personal possessions, numbers, holidays, asking and giving directions, asking and answering questions, telling the time
Site URL: http://a.w-z.webpark.pl/index.html

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