Posted on Thursday, August 07, 2008

NetGrammar is an online English grammar course expertly prepared by ESL teacher Allen Quesada and suitable for any students who are working independently or who are participating in a regular ESL class but need extra practice in English grammar. The aim of the course is to develop ESL students' understanding of English grammar through a variety of interactive listening, reading, and writing activities.


• User-friendly 4-level course structure: introduction, support, units, and tasks

• Introduction level: introduces students to the topics and language functions of the units, the structure of each unit, and how to use the course and deal with technical difficulties

• Support level: contains extra learning resources, which include a list of irregular verbs, definitions and examples of common phrasal verbs, rules for the spelling and pronunciation of verb and noun endings, and a glossary of grammatical terms

• Unit level: consists of 15 learning units that use a 5-step approach (preview, grammar focus, listening, reading, writing, review) to teach different points of grammar (the verb to be, types of sentences, count and non-count nouns, singular and plural, determiners and adjectives, present time, past time, future time, passive voice, adjective clauses and phrases, degree, verbals, noun clauses and reported speech, present/future/past perfect, conditional sentences)

• Task level: consists of 7 tasks designed to provide self-testing exercises, web links, and printable worksheets

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