RhymeZone: Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Posted on Saturday, August 16, 2008

RhymeZone is not just another online English dictionary. It is also a combined rhyming dictionary and thesaurus and capable of performing a host of other useful functions, making it an excellent tool for both professional writers and ESL learners to explore English vocabulary.


• Capable of finding rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, related words, similar sounding words, and homophones

• Capable of finding words and phrases which contain a certain consonant pattern or letter set

• Capable of searching for words and phrases in Shakespeare's works (comedies, tragedies, histories, poetry, coined words, most popular lines), famous documents (Old Testament, New Testament, US Declaration of Independence, US Constitution), famous quotations, and Mother Goose verses

• Capable of generating adaptive multiple-choice quizzes on English vocabulary (verbs, nouns, adjectives) and other subjects (state capitals, Greek gods and goddesses, periodic table symbols, French verb infinitives, Spanish verb infinitives, famous Shakespeare lines, Mandarin digits, Chinese radicals, Mandarin vocabulary)

Site URL: http://www.rhymezone.com/

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