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Posted on Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Learn English is the gateway to 5 well-known English language learning programs produced by Australia Network: Study English-IELTS Preparation, Nexus, English Bites, Living English, and The Business of English. Besides detailed information on the programs, the site provides an impressive array of quality, downloadable English learning resources, which include video and audio clips, full transcripts, study notes, and practice activities.


  • Study English-IELTS Preparation: series of topic-based lessons with authentic materials to read, watch, and listen to, designed to develop students' English language study skills and IELTS test-taking strategies (intermediate level to advanced level)
  • Nexus: TV program with educational video stories that teach not only English but also Australian life and culture (intermediate level to advanced level)
  • English Bites: entertaining videos produced to help English learners widen their knowledge of various aspects of the English language, including its grammar, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, and common expressions (intermediate level to advanced level)
  • Living English: 42-episode TV series focusing on everyday English and basic English language skills (beginner level to advanced level)
  • The Business of English: 15-episode video series focusing on everyday business English - the language for meetings, presentations, and negotiations (intermediate level to advanced level)
Site URL: http://australianetwork.com/learnenglish/

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