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Posted on Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maintained by Pat Byrd of the Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL, Georgia State University, Lists of Grammar Lists is a useful grammar reference site for ESL/EFL students, with many teacher-prepared English grammar lists and rules, as well as links to English grammar resources on the Internet.


  • Complete List of English Irregular Verbs (by Susan Jones): rules for using the principal parts of a verb; irregular verbs; complete list of verb tenses
  • List of Spelling Rules for Nouns and Verbs (by Susan Jones): rules for irregular plural formation of nouns; list of irregular nouns; rules for irregular spelling of verb inflections
  • List of American vs. British Spelling (by Susan Jones): spelling differences between American and British English; common words in American and British English
  • List of Verb+Preposition Combinations (by Tom McKlin): three rules for separating phrasal verbs from verb+preposition combinations; verb+preposition combinations; phrasal verbs; phrasal verbs+preposition combinations
  • List of Linking Verbs (by Katrien Vanassche): types of linking verbs, sentence patterns; the verb to be; lists of the most common linking verbs
  • Count and NonCount Nouns (by Brenda Sansom-Moorey): count nouns; noncount nouns; ordinarily plural nouns
  • Noun Spelling - Regular and Irregular Noun Forms (by Joanna Crump): regular plural forms; irregular plurals lists
  • List of Conjunctions (by Linda Bryson): brief explanation of conjunctions; lists and examples of coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions, and subordinating conjunctions
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