Online Writing Materials from the Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, a division of Dartmouth College, provides a very useful selection of online academic writing resources, which consist of guides to different types of writing, outlines of the methodology for teaching writing, and training materials for writing tutors.


  • Materials for students: offer advice on writing an academic paper, writing for special disciplines (humanities, social sciences, sciences), and writing for special purposes (resumes, cover letters, graduate school applications)
  • Materials for faculty: give an overview of the pedagogy and methods of teaching writing, plus a forum with teaching ideas, sample assignments, handouts, links, and tips
  • Materials for writing tutors: intended for tutors and writing assistants, with training videos, general tips, and practical guides to addressing specific problems (invention, the thesis sentence, structure, logic, paragraphs, style, grammar, English as a second language)
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