Do You Speak American?

Posted on Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do You Speak American? is a television documentary in 3 one-hour episodes that features celebrated journalist and writer Robert MacNeil examining American English in close detail. For a deeper insight, viewers should also visit the official website of the program, which provides a wide range of support materials, including essays, exercises, and resources for teachers.


  • Professionally written essays and articles about different American dialects, as well as topical issues related to the use and evolution of American English
  • Interactive activities and exercises designed to help speakers of American English understand its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation better
  • Pre-designed curricular units based on the documentary for high school and college instructors (5 self-contained units plus a manual for each level)
  • Video introduction to the series, viewer's guide, and transcripts for all 3 episodes
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