Free Translation Course from the Logos Group

Posted on Monday, October 06, 2008

The Logos Group offers translators and language students a translation course which can be accessed for free from their official website. Authored by translator and translation theorist Bruno Osimo, this comprehensive course equips translators - amateur and professional - with everything they need to complete their job with satisfaction.


  • Course divided into 5 parts (40 units each) on 1) the fundamentals of translation, 2) the perception of the text by the translator, 3) and 4) the production of the text by the translator, and 5) the tools for the translator and the reception of a translation
  • Exercises at the end of each part (key available to users with an account - free to register)
  • Alternate versions in Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Arabic
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