Grammar-Quizzes: Practice on Points of English Grammar (ESL/EFL)

Posted on Monday, October 20, 2008

Grammar-Quizzes: Practice on Points of English Grammar (ESL/EFL) is an excellent website designed to provide ESL/EFL students with practice in English grammar and usage. For each grammatical point discussed, students will have the chance to review their knowledge of grammar rules and common mistakes before trying the exercises, which are of a variety of types and can be scored instantly online.


  • Coverage of all major areas of English grammar and usage: adjectives/modifiers, adjective clauses, agreement between sentence elements, articles, conditional sentences, connectors/adverbs/conjunctions/transition words, gerunds, infinitives, modal verbs, noun clauses, passive voice, past/past perfect tense, prepositions, present/present progressive tense, present perfect tense, punctuation, commonly confused words
  • Additional sections for writing and listening practice
  • Clear, user-friendly design with extensive use of highlights, tables, and pictures
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