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Posted on Monday, October 13, 2008

Published by Linguarama, one of Europe's leaders in business English training, Postscript Magazine provides self-study exercises which English learners can use to improve their business English. The exercises revolve around important business themes and cover a wide range of language areas. Answers are provided immediately after students finish their tasks.


  • Themes covered: sales, personnel, cross culture, finance, marketing, business communication, insurance, quality, legal English, technology, banking, management, retailing
  • Subject areas covered: vocabulary, grammar, reading, polite English
  • Extra exercises on other key aspects of business English: pronunciation and intonation, style, American English, idioms and idiomatic expressions, spelling, describing graphs, using English in presentations and meetings, conducting negotiations, dealing with questions, telephoning, letter writing, mind mapping, project planning
  • Downloadable version for offline use (EXE installer, 1.5 MB)
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