The SIL French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Posted on Friday, October 03, 2008

Originally published in 1972 by Thomas Bearth, the SIL French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms offers a convenient way for linguists to look up French equivalents for English linguistic terms and vice versa.


  • 7,833 French linguistic terms and 8,052 English linguistic terms (as of the 11 August 2008 update)
  • A variety of subjects and schools of thought covered: Applied Linguistics, Case Grammar, Communication Theory, Conversational Analysis, Dialectology, Discourse Analysis, Ethnography of Communication, Functional Grammar, Functionalism, Functionalism (A. Martinet), Generative / Transformational Grammar, Glossematics, Government and Binding, Historical Linguistics, Indo-European Historical Linguistics, Literacy / Education, Logic, Modular Approach to Discourse Analysis (Geneva), Morphology, Narrative Semiotics/Literary Semiotics (Wales), Neurolinguistics, Oral tradition, Phonology, Pragmatics, Prague School, Psycholinguistics, Rhetorics, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Speech-Act Theory, Syntax, Tagmemics, Theory of Enunciative Operations, Typology
  • Special section providing English definitions of the key terms in the Modular Approach to Discourse Analysis (Geneva) and the Theory of Enunciative Operations
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