Posted on Saturday, October 04, 2008

Teachmaster is a free vocabulary building software developed by Stefan Meyer to help language students learn new words more efficiently. Currently in version 4.2, the program is not only lightweight (905 KB) but also portable, which means students can copy it to a USB stick and run it on any computer.


  • Consists of 4 modules: Editor (for editing vocabulary files), Teaching Program (for learning and reviewing vocabulary), Converter (for converting files to Teachmaster format), and Quiz (for self-testing with multiple-choice quizzes)
  • Allows users to choose from 5 learning methods (Classical, Box, Random, Difficult, Patience) and measure their progress with tables and graphics
  • Comes with additional language files for multilingual interface and a special software for entering languages with special characters
Site URL: http://www.teachmaster.de/cms/1-1-Home.html

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