English Conversations: Practical Conversations for Language Learners

Posted on Monday, December 22, 2008

English Conversations: Practical Conversations for Language Learners provides a great collection of sample English dialogues and conversations in MP3 audio. ESL students can browse the collection by tag and listen to the dialogues/conversations online or download them to their computers.


  • Downloadable MP3 audio lessons with full transcripts, classified into 5 categories: bilingual lessons, dialogues, easy English, real conversations, and stories
  • Downloadable version of The Business Trip, a 54-episode English dialog series in MP3 format for beginning learners (118.5 MB, over 2 hours of audio, PDF transcript included)
  • Interactive stories section featuring a guide to teaching and learning English using interactive (guided) stories, plus downloadable sample interactive stories and reading texts
  • Lessons section containing lesson plans and teaching ideas for ESL instructors
  • Newsletter offering monthly tips on learning English and links to useful English study sites
Site URL: http://englishconversations.org/

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