The Writing Machine

Posted on Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Writing Machine is a course designed to help university students master the process of writing academic essays. It is prepared by the English Centre of the University of Hong Kong and is available for free access online.


  • Course divided into 10 units: 1/ Introducing the academic essay; 2/ Topics, titles, introductions; 3/ The body of the essay; 4/ Inside the paragraph: cohesion and topicalisation; 5/ Inside the paragraph: functional and propositional development; 6/ Writing conclusions; 7/ Academic versus nonacademic writing; 8/ Sources of data and bibliographies; 9/ Note taking from written sources; 10/ Editing and proofreading
  • Each unit consists of 6 parts: 1/ Introduction to the unit topic; 2/ Read and think (questions and answers about the unit topic); 3/ Example (sample essays with annotations); 4/ Your turn (exercises and activities for practice); 5/ Review (questions for self-evaluation); 6/ Links (links to related Internet resources)
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