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Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009

Students who wish to practice English free online should definitely not miss the ESL Classroom, an excellent website that provides more than 150 exercises on English grammar, English vocabulary, Canadian culture, and reading comprehension. The exercises are of a variety of types, including cloze, matching, and multiple choice, and can be used by students at all levels, beginner/elementary, intermediate, or advanced.


  • Grammar section: 10 exercises on prepositions, 16 exercises on verbs (4 on the past perfect tense, 4 on the present perfect tense, 8 on other tenses), 6 exercises on the passive voice, 7 exercises on modals (1 on "should" and "must", 2 on perfect modals, 4 on other modals), 21 general grammar quizzes, 5 error recognition quizzes, and 2 word order quizzes
  • Vocabulary section: 20 exercises on basic vocabulary, 10 exercises on intermediate vocabulary, and 10 exercises on advanced vocabulary
  • Canadiana section: 13 exercises on Canadian history and culture
  • Reading section: 37 reading comprehension and text reconstruction exercises
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