Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two excellent online dictionaries are currently available for English learners to use free of charge at Wordsmyth.net: the Wordsmyth Dictionary-Thesaurus and the Wordsmyth Children's Dictionary-Thesaurus with Word Explorer.


  • Wordsmyth Dictionary-Thesaurus: American English dictionary with integrated thesaurus, providing concise definitions of words and phrases (ordered by frequency of use), along with pronunciations, examples, synonyms, similar words, and cross references to related words
  • Wordsmyth Children's Dictionary-Thesaurus with Word Explorer: American English multimedia dictionary with integrated thesaurus and built-in word explorer for elementary-school-aged children, providing over 30,000 entries with kid-friendly definitions, example sentences, audio pronunciations, animations, and full-color illustrations
  • Extra tools for teaching and learning vocabulary: glossary maker, quiz builder, anagram solver, crossword puzzle helper
Site URL: http://www.wordsmyth.net/live/home.php

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