American Rhetoric

Posted on Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Rhetoric is a great website where students of American studies and advanced learners of English can read and listen to thousands of significant speeches in American history, from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address to Barack Obama's Presidential Inaugural Address. Listed in A-Z order for easy browsing, the speeches are available for free access both in streaming audio/video formats and as downloadable MP3 audio clips, complete with text/PDF transcripts.


  • Online Speech Bank: full text, audio, and video database of more than 5,000 public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, recorded media events, and declarations
  • Top 100 Speeches: full text, audio, and video index to the 100 most significant American political speeches of the 20th century
  • Rhetorical Literacy: full text and audio versions of 32 important speeches in 21st century America
  • Movie Speeches: full text, audio, and video collection of 210 Hollywood movie speeches, including military movie speeches, sports-oriented movie speeches, forensic movie speeches, and socio-political movie speeches
  • Rhetorical Figures in Sound: more than 200 audio and video examples of 40 stylistic figures of speech ranging from alliteration to synecdoche
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