Posted on Saturday, February 14, 2009

ELTGames.com offers more than 100 professionally-written, classroom-ready grammar and conversation games for teachers of English as a second language. Provided with detailed instructions and printable worksheets, these activities can be easily incorporated into any ESL program and used with ESL students at any levels, from elementary through pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate to advanced.


  • Elementary grammar games: classroom-ready activities on tenses (present simple, past simple, present continuous), adverbs of frequency, question words, can/can't, going to, giving directions, telling the time, spelling
  • Pre-intermediate grammar games: classroom-ready activities on tenses (past simple, present continuous, present perfect), question formation, modals, countable/uncountable forms, comparative adjectives, passive, first conditional, offers, polite requests
  • Intermediate grammar games: classroom-ready activities on the present perfect, adjective + preposition collocations, relative pronouns, relative clauses, future possibility, second conditional, used to
  • Upper-intermediate grammar games: classroom-ready activities on gerunds and infinitives, continuous and simple forms, used to/get used to/would, prepositions, modals, auxiliary echo agreements, present and past wishes
  • Elementary - pre-intermediate conversation activities: picture dictation games, role-play activities, pair-work conversations, small-group discussions
  • Intermediate - advanced conversation activities: imaginary picture dictation games, small-group discussions, interviews, rotating interviews
Site URL: http://www.eltgames.com/index.htm

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