Free Michigan ECPE and EFL/ESL Materials from Fullspate

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Students who intend to take the Michigan ECPE (Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English) will find useful ECPE preparation materials, including a free ECPE practice test, at Fullspate, a quality website that also provides many other good EFL/ESL resources.


  • Michigan ECPE materials, including an overview of the Michigan ECPE exam, ECPE preparation tips and test-taking strategies, a full-length ECPE practice test, and links to online ECPE resources
  • Writing section providing advice on how to write an ECPE or other English exam essay, sample academic essays from American high school students, essay writing tips, useful essay phrases, and an analysis of the difference between academic essays and real essays
  • EFL/ESL reading articles on various thought-provoking topics, useful for self-study and as a basis for class discussions
  • EFL/ESL worksheets for download in PDF format, complete with comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar exercises
  • Short English grammar lessons for upper-intermediate and advanced students
  • MP3 audio files for listening and speaking practice
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