The Walt Whitman Archive

Posted on Friday, February 06, 2009

The Walt Whitman Archive is dedicated to providing students, teachers, and general readers with resources related to Walt Whitman, America's most influential poet and one of the most significant writers in the history of the United States. Besides being perhaps the only site where visitors can read Whitman's poetry in the original, the archive is also a useful source of information on his personal life and a unique collection of reviews of his literary works.


  • Complete texts of Whitman's published works, including US and non-US editions of Whitman's Leaves of Grass and first printings of Whitman's poems in periodicals
  • Transcriptions and page images of Whitman's poetry manuscripts
  • Whitman's biography and life chronology
  • Contemporary reviews and selected criticism of Whitman's works
  • Searchable bibliography of articles, books, chapters of books, and poems about Whitman from 1975 up to the present
  • Teaching materials for teachers, with course syllabi and links to websites
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