Omniglot: Writing Systems & Languages of the World

Posted on Friday, March 13, 2009

Simon Ager's Omniglot is a comprehensive guide to the writing systems and languages of the world, providing information on more than 150 different writing systems. Besides, the site offers many other useful resources for language teachers and students, including language-related articles, language learning tips, and a collection of everyday English phrases translated into a number of foreign languages.


  • Introduction to writing and writing systems of the world
  • Guide to over 150 writing systems, each with an illustration, a summary of notable features, information on origin and usage, sample text, and links to further reference resources
  • Articles on various language-related topics including linguistics, translation, lexicography, culture, learning languages, and teaching languages
  • Tips and advice on learning foreign languages
  • Collection of useful phrases in different languages with downloadable audio recordings
  • Gallery of language and writing-related art
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