Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names

Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Behind the Name enables you to find all you ever want to know about first names, or given names, from all cultures and periods of time, even from mythology and fiction! Launched in 1996 by Mike Campbell, the site has grown to be an authority on the subject, with a huge database of 15,345 names and a host of other useful resources for learning about names.


  • A-Z index of all names included in the database (also browsable by gender)
  • Index of names by geographical region (European names, worldwide names) and by category (Biblical names, theology names, history names, literature names, popular culture names, astronomy names, mythology names, ancient names)
  • Advanced search engines that can search for names and extra information about names such as related names, sound-alike names, rhyming names, popular names, namesakes, and name days
  • Additional name tools and resources: message boards, interactive polls, name translator, random name generator, anagram names, name themes, names for twins, glossary of name-related terms and concepts
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