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Posted on Friday, April 10, 2009

Linguasnet offers a free English course consisting of 14 lessons for beginning ESL learners. By providing learning activities that have been designed to consolidate learners' listening and speaking skills and at the same time expand their vocabulary, this course will help non-native English speakers prepare better to study, work, or live in an English-speaking environment.


  • 14 lessons ranging in level from easy to difficult and focusing on 14 different topics: 1/ Introduction; 2/ Colors and Numbers; 3/ Time: The Hours and the Calendar; 4/ Health and the Human Body; 5/ Buying Food, Buying Clothing; 6/ In the Town; 7/ A Place to Live; 8/ The Family; 9/ Transportation, Public Transport; 10/ The Professions - Looking for a Job; 11/ The Application Process - The Interview; 12/ Government Agencies - Rules and Regulations; 13/ The School; 14/ Banking and Finance
  • Each lesson has 5 components: 1/ Vocabulary (students look at pictures and learn new vocabulary words); 2/ Dialogue (students listen to a sample dialogue); 3/ Exercises (students check their comprehension by doing various types of exercises); 4/ Listen & Repeat (students listen to sample phrases and repeat them); 5/ Games (students try multi-level games to review important language points)
  • All activities are fully interactive and answers can be checked instantly online
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