David Appleyard's English User Guides

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David Appleyard has prepared and made available from his website an excellent collection of quick reference guides to the English language. The guides cover a range of topics, from grammar and vocabulary to spelling and pronunciation, and will be useful to any ESL learners who need to review essential points of English language usage.


  • English grammar glossary (divided into 6 sections: parts of speech, syntax, the moods, the tenses, pronunciation, style)
  • Bilingual English grammar glossary for Japanese students and teachers
  • Guide to using articles in English
  • Guide to using tenses in English
  • Guide to using irregular verbs in English
  • Guide to pronouncing the 44 basic sounds of English (20 vocalic/diphthongal sounds and 24 consonantal sounds), complete with sample pronunciations in MP3 audio format
  • Guides to using correct punctuation and spelling in English
  • Guides to understanding American English and British English
  • Other resources: list of territory-related words, list of words that are often confused, list of mnemonic initials, links to online dictionaries, links to online vocabulary builders, online multi-measurement converters
Site URL: http://www.davidappleyard.com/english/index.htm

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