ESL Monkeys

Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010

ESL Monkeys is a great ESL resource site, offering an extensive collection of quality materials for ESL teaching and learning. Among the resources available, ESL teachers will appreciate the free photocopiable lesson plans prepared for different groups of learners, while students will benefit from the site's wide range of lessons and tools designed to improve their reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.


  • Database of printable ESL lesson plans and teaching ideas, fully searchable by topic, skill, level, age, keyword, and author
  • ESL reading, writing, and vocabulary lessons based on news articles, complete with learning tips and practice exercises
  • Materials for reading comprehension and vocabulary practice, including select Reuters and Guardian news headlines and classic stories written in the English language
  • Online tools for learning English idioms and phrasal verbs
  • ESL books and articles for free download and online reading
  • Interactive tool for searching ESL schools and programs around the world
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