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Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2010

ESOL UK is a true gold mine for ESOL students who are looking to improve their English in this age of computers and the Internet. Divided into 11 sections, the site is full of exciting, downloadable audio-visual materials that have been professionally produced to help ESOL students develop essential language skills. Printable worksheets are also provided, making it a valuable resource even in classrooms where no Internet access is available.


  • UK Citizenship section: 73 graded videos about the UK and its culture, complete with downloadable transcripts in PDF format and exercises to build comprehension, reading, and spelling skills
  • Calling You section: authentic telephone conversations featuring the use of everyday spoken British English and accompanied by activities that help the student recognize and correctly use informal and formal English (worksheets in PDF format available for download)
  • Up North section: full sets of topic-based teaching materials for ESOL teachers, consisting of downloadable audio recordings, transcripts, and teaching ideas
  • Digibooks section: graded digital books with interactive comprehension, writing, and vocabulary activities (PDF booklets available for download)
  • Music section: collection of songs for use in ESOL classrooms (lyrics and worksheets available for download)
  • TV adverts section: selected TV commercials for ESOL learning (transcripts and worksheets available for download)
  • English for Food Hygiene section: interactive multimedia course specially prepared for takers of the RIPH (Royal Institute of Public Health) foundation exam, with useful audio-visual materials for ESOL students
  • English for Driving Theory section: interactive study materials developed for ESOL students who are planning to take the Driving Theory Test
  • ESOL Leeds section: video-based ESOL learning modules with downloadable videos, audio recordings, and worksheets designed to reinforce students' basic language skills, including reading, writing, and listening
  • Chat section: chat room for ESOL students
  • Talking Heads section: featured videos showing different speakers airing their opinions on a wide range of topics
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