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Posted on Monday, October 11, 2010 is a site that offers interactive math exercises in easy English. Neatly designed and having a friendly interface, the site is particularly suitable for ESL kids who are trying to get used to the basic concepts of mathematics in English. It is also useful for ESL teachers, who can use the free tools provided by the site to create great supplementary materials for their classes.


  • Interactive flashcards (Java and non-Java) designed to teach and test both basic and advanced math skills, from addition and subtraction to simplifying fractions and recognizing geometric shapes
  • Game room, with various types of interactive games (Java and non-Java) intended to help students practice their math while having a lot of fun
  • Homework helper, an online tool that students can use to check their solutions to assigned problems
  • Automatic worksheet creator, which can generate printable and online worksheets for immediate personal or classroom use (ideal for ESL teachers who would like to integrate math-related content into their curriculum)
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